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Honing Rods: Will They Sharpen?

TLDR: Yes, ceramic honing rods will sharpen. Get a high grit, impact resistant, ceramic honing rod. Watch some tutorials (you can check out my tiktok or IG for a few. @amobladesmithing) and you'll be able to put an edge on a dull kitchen knife in no time.

I've seen arguments about whether or not honing rods actually sharpen knives over and over again. I'm here to dispel the myths and point folks in the right direction.

If you want to sharpen your knives you'll need a ceramic honing rod. There are quite a few available, I prefer high grit, impact resistant, ceramic honing rods. You can pick up an off brand one that's very good for between 30 and 40 dollars.

Here's a link to one of my videos on sharpening using a honing rod!

You'll set your angle, about 15 degrees on my knives, most factory knives tend to be closer to 20 degrees. Then, with one fluid motion, you'll pull the knife toward the heel and up moving it diagonally. You'll move the blade the under side of the honing rod and you'll repeat the process.

After you've done a few strokes on each side you can check to see if the knife is beginning to get its edge back. You'll continue this process until you can effectively cut paper using a draw cut.

While a ceramic honing rod will definitely get you back up and running in the kitchen I still prefer a good set of whetstones.

-Ben Butcher

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